World Without End: Board Game Review

The sound is terrific. I mean it is not annoying like most NES games and it was the beginning of the classic”do do do do do-do…” songs! The game has different music for each different type of degree, such as dungeons, underwater levels, and soil in sports group. If it is enjoyable and makes the game much better. Only slight downfall is that the sound effects are somewhat weak, but I shouldn’t complain. Overall it’s the classy theme song that gets me to like the audio of the game so much.

One other neat thing is that the music is a bit context sensitive meaning if you allow the time get down to under 100 remaining moments left, the audio will speed up to allow you to know that you need to hurry. Furthermore, if you pick up a star (invincibility item) the music will change to a different theme that will last almost exactly until the power runs out, a great sound cue to when to begin worrying about your enemies again. The noise effects in the game are great also, they are not overly complex, and the jingles that play are fantastic for making you feel fulfilled when finishing a job or selecting a powerup.


This game is basically a pick up and play match. The control design is so easy yet so great. The sport registers every movement in it perfectly. You press ahead and Mario definitely goes ahead. Many NES games could not perfect , but this game certainly did. You can jump and run and you’ll learn the tips about the best way best to get the farthest leaping distance along with the fundamental skills right away. The simple and sweet NES controller played this game and the game did each command perfectly.

The NES controller pad isn’t really the most innovative piece of hardware on the market, but in this game you won’t ever feel it is lacking anything. The D-pad can be used to move right and left, and with a media down on it you can muster, which also leads to going down pipes when they’re”open”.

The A button is used for jumping, and it is very sensitive; a brief media results in a low jump and a longer media results in a higher jump. The B button has 2 functions – throwing fireballs when you have that power up, and in addition to that it is the run button. It works better than you may think, since if you’re running and want to throw a fireball you can simply quickly launch the button and then hold it again to fire one off, without losing much speed.

Replay Value:

Here is the games strong point. I can not even count how often I have beaten this amazing classic. It keeps you coming back for more. It is a simple game that is just flat out fun to perform. You can try to beat your previous score. You can play two players to spice this up with a buddy or you may try a time course and try for the record. Or if you like me you can just beat it again just for the fantastic sense of beating the timeless classic. This game is the one that started it all. There makes the game much more gratifying to perform .

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